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Software has a significant role in almost every technical system. Thus functional safety of sophisticated, technical products has to be moved to the fore. The implementation of standards and their accurate definition, as well as careful test engineering,  is a decisive success factor for industries with high regulatory requirements. This is where the services of HEICON Global Engineering come in. The technological consulting company supports customers in requirements engineering, testing and the implementation of methods and processes for safety-critical embedded systems as well as non-safety-critical systems.


We tailor and implement functional safety standards and strive to give the best technical advice in system engineering as well as software engineering.

As distinguished solution-oriented consultant and project partner, we offer services and solutions for companies in safety-critical and regulated areas. With our support, our clients

  • meet regulatory requirements
  • develop high quality products and systems
  • increase efficiency by using shorter development and product cycles

We believe, that only those who are able to apply the cost advantages by globalization and concurrently increase their quality requirements for safety-critical systems, can successfully assert themselves in the market.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Heininger, owner of HEICON, a consulting company in Schwendi near Ulm, has over 15 years of experience in the field of methods and processes for the development of safety-critical embedded systems.

He mainly oversees consulting projects in the aviation, automation technology, rail technology and automotive industries. His main areas of activity are efficient but secure software and system development processes as well as certification strategies and supplier management.

HEICON Products

HEICON offers services to support you in achieving your goals.

We support companies in requirements engineering, testing and the implementation of methods and processes for safety-critical embedded systems as well as non-safety-critical systems. Online seminars are offered for initial orientation and further deepening of technical questions as well as basic topics are described on the HEICON blog. We also offer training for employees to further clarify questions in the area of ​​safety-critical embedded systems or efficient software processes.

With our products Starter, Consulting and Services, we support you in successfully completing your projects goals. If you have any further questions or a specific project inquiry, we look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have a short, clearly defined task?
We give immediate feedback and advice.


How can I meet high regulatory requirements and at the same time develop high quality products and systems. What stumbling blocks are there in the everyday life of a systems engineer who deals with the areas of system and software engineering as well as tailoring and the implementation of standards? You can find these topics on our blog.


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