HEICON - Seminar

The HEICON seminars allow you to acquire compact and efficient knowledge in a new topic.

TAE Seminar
The seminar "reliability and safety of embedded systems" is offered annually in April and October. This seminar is designed and performed in a collaboration with Prof. Schweiggert (University of Ulm). It is part of the seminar program at the TAE Esslingen and takes place in Ostfildern.

In-house seminars
The following seminars are as in-house seminars conducted at your site. By prior arrangement, different priorities can be made in the seminar.

Requirements Engineering1 day
Basic Knowledge of testing
1 day
IEC 61508 - Practical use of the standard     2 days
ISO 26262 - Practical use of the standard 2 days
Introduction to RTCA DO 178C + Supplements3 days
Overview on System development according ARP 4754A and ARP 47611 day
Intercultural management India
1 day      

Should you find your topic does not fit into one of the seminars, it is possible to create a new seminar which covers your individual needs.

Let us talk about which HEICON Seminar is the right one for you!

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IAV, Berlin
LithiumBalance, DK
Sony, Stuttgart
Vector Informatik

Albold Consulting
Noser Engineering, CH
Parker Hannifin, GB

Airbus D&S
Diehl Aerospace
Konzept Informationssysteme
Liebherr Lindenberg
NewTec, Pfaffenhofen
Philotech, Taufkirchen
SET, Wangen

Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik
General Electric, Augsburg
GEZE, Leonberg
GrafSyteco, Tuningen,
Kimessa, CH
IDS, Obersulm
Liebherr, Biberach
TÜV SÜD Rail, Munich
TAE Esslingen
VerifySoft Technology

Karl Dose, Hamburg

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann