History of HEICON

The history of HEICON goes back to October 1st, 2005, when I went into freelance working. Before this, I had been employed for 6 years with the firm of TESCOM Software Systems Testing and for one and a half years with the firm of Diehl Aerospace. Starting my own business had been my dream for a long time.

My first goal was to deal with the new situation of freelance work and gather lots of experience in big projects. From the very beginning, it was important to me to always be working for several clients at a time so as to ensure my independence. Another stimulus of this idea was the realization that the quality of my counseling performance seemed less valuable to my client if I was economically dependent on him. I have reached this goal over the years.

Professionally, my focus is on software engineering, specifically in software verification and requirements engineering. These two topics have accompanied me during my entire professional life as an engineer.

The first five years of freelance working, I had been focused on the aerospace industry. Since 2011, my business range has extended to automatization techniques and railway as well as automotive industry. Thus, I can offer my clients an interbranch know-how and best practices.

In January 2018 I founded the HEICON - Global Engineering GmbH. The goal is to provide even more professional consulting services to the customers.

Only the one who knows his goal will find the way. (Laozi)


IAV, Berlin
LithiumBalance, DK
Sony, Stuttgart
Vector Informatik

Albold Consulting
Noser Engineering, CH
Parker Hannifin, GB

Airbus D&S
Diehl Aerospace
Konzept Informationssysteme
Liebherr Lindenberg
NewTec, Pfaffenhofen
Philotech, Taufkirchen
SET, Wangen

Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik
General Electric, Augsburg
GEZE, Leonberg
GrafSyteco, Tuningen,
Kimessa, CH
IDS, Obersulm
Liebherr, Biberach
TÜV SÜD Rail, Munich
TAE Esslingen
VerifySoft Technology

Karl Dose, Hamburg

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann